About Sara Nolte

 I've been creating jewelry my whole life as well as painting in watercolor, acrylics and encaustics.  My jewelry career evolved from my life long collecting of gemstones and my love of painting began from my Grandmother when I was a small child. I have many talented artists and musicians in my family.

I am one of those people that always has to be creating and it's not unusual for me to have several different projects going at the same time. I love it!

My love affair with gemstones began many years ago and has never ended. I'm in awe of the beauty that nature and our mother earth provides us.  I started out creating jewelry I wanted to wear but could never find using natural gems, pearls and other organic and vintage materials. My creative outlet gradually became my life's work and I wouldn't change a thing!

When I'm working in the studio I always have music on-I have to have music-it motivates me, inspires me and just makes everything better! What kind? All kinds! But my favorites, Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Swing, Blues, well I could keep going but I've got to have music all the time.

I live and work in Waterford, MI, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my friends & family; my Labrador retriever Ava, my mini-Dachshund Buster aka: The Boss and my two cats Gracie & Butter. Oh and of course my wonderful Husband Skip too!