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Sara Nolte Designs is Back up and Running-Yay! July 18 2014, 145 Comments

 Hi Everyone! 

Please bear with me while I get my new site situated and running correctly-I will be gradually winding down my Etsy shop and focusing more on my site here and blogging and chatting with you :0)


  I will be blogging more regularly and not only about jewelry projects but other DIY and art projects I am working on myself or in collaboration with other artists.


 If you wish to purchase please be assured that the website payment features are running A-Okay, secure and ready to go. I still have some tweaks to get it looking right & pretty but it is at least up and running-Whew!


 I'm so happy to be back online and blogging again & to celebrate I will be having a giveaway shortly of some lovely gemstone earrings so please stay tuned!